Pablo Menendez was born in Oakland, CA, the son of blues and jazz singer Barbara Dane. Living in Cuba since 1966, he has been an indelible part of many Cuban music scenes over the past decades: Nueva Trova (including Grupo de Experimentación Sonora, with Sílvio Rodriguez and Pablo Milanés, which was blacklisted by the Cuban government), Cuban jazz (including Sonido Contemporaneo, with Gonzalo Rubalcaba), the Afro-Rock group Síntesis, and many more. Pablo founded the group Mezcla in 1989, with whom he has recorded seven albums, including a critically acclaimed collaboration with renowned singer and akpwón Lazaro Rós, and toured extensively across Europe and North and South America. His musical work in Cuba has been deeply involved in efforts to bring marginalized musical genres such as Nueva Trova (which was itself a marginalized music in its origins), Cuban jazz, rock, and rap, and Afro-Cuban genres like rumba and Yoruba music into mainstream consciousness